Fighting The Grave Problem Of Obesity In Samurai Style

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Obesity has evolved into one of the major problems contributing greatly to an unhealthy lifestyle. Over 1 billion adults are overweight raising the alarms for serious diseases. Obesity is the fundamental factor in critical diseases such as diabetes, cancers, heart diseases and much more. There is one country that stands out as the country with most less obese people in the world.

The Land of Rising Sun Japan seems to have a solution for the obesity. The Samurai has to give obesity a super beating through its culture and healthy lifestyle.  A study conducted in 2009 by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development revealed that only 3.5 % of Japanese people are obese. Japan has the one of the highest life expectancy in the world at 80 years.

The Japanese cuisine along with the government initiate against obesity serves as the foundation for a better fight against the obesity. Let’s embark on a journey in this article to find out the Samurai way of knocking off obesity.

Government against Obesity:  Japanese government passed a law in 2008 named as “Metabo Law” according to it women are allowed to have 35.4-inch waist and men are allowed with 33.5 inches. Breaking the law leads to the counseling program. The health care system in Japan provides coverage with the help of employer insurance and local government.

Smaller Portion of Food Consumed: The food presentation in Japan revolves around two things. The plate is never filled completely and there is the separate dish for every item. Food is consumed slowly and savored.

Healthy Food: Main Japanese foods consists of fish, rice, vegetables, fruits and soy which are a way to less in calories and healthier as compared to western food. The saturated fats such milk, butter, cheese are eaten in significantly less quantity.

Time to Buy Bicycle: In Japan, there are a lot of bicycles. People tend to walk and travel by bicycle which is also safe and common throughout the country. Roads are safe and the bicycle has made itself a part of Japanese traveling routine.

Exercise Events: Every year in October Japan celebrates a national Health Sports day named as (Taiku no Hi) in Japanese. The sports days greatly promotes the healthy lifestyle in general public. Exercise and sports become an integral part of life style in Japan.

Effective Fight against Childhood Obesity: Child hood obesity is a grave concern for the world. In Japan the school lunch composed of healthy foods based on fish, rice, and vegetables.

The children are taught to prepare food and they serve the food themselves and take part in all school activities with great interest. An important lesson is taught from the start which serves as a great factor in the fight against obesity in later stages of life.

Peer Pressure: In Japanese society, the conformity with general society rules and obligation is given importance. It is considered as a social stigma in Japan if someone is fat. Movements are carried out in major cities. Companies pay great attention for moderation of weight otherwise companies have to pay higher insurance etc.


All About Wealthy Health

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The level on which the human body works perfectly without any disorder is said to be a good health. But on the other hand, remaining healthy all the times is impossible for any individual because now a day’s finding purity in eatables is really a difficult task. In the crowd of hundred people, on average you only find three or hardly four people healthy in all aspects.

In 1948, a constitution was passed in WHO in which health was defined as a complete good physical and mental state of a person without any disorder or disease and the one who also a well social is being who can easily communicate in his surroundings. Later on the word complete create great curiosity and ambiguity because the word itself pertain a variety of meanings with in a context.

Serve one minute for health:

Around the world, on social media you daily saw thousands and thousands of post to make yourself healthy. All of them are useful in their own very way but on the other hand they are time consuming as well. In today moving world, everyone want a quick recipe to make himself a zero size in less time spending limited time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to serve your each and every minute of a day to become healthy. But this means that spend only one minute a day to adopt a new healthy and wealthy routine.

Use SPF on ears:

O you understand that SPF is only use on the face. But wait!It is not only use on face but on the ears too. Small cells of Nonmelanoma skin cancer are located on the ears which in no time move towards the inner side of ear due to its circular shape and can cause a severe damage also. So, in order to remain on save side spend one minute, use this and prevent it.

Smoothie delight:

In today world, everyone is grinding complicated things in blender to make themselves slim and skinny. But try something different and healthy in nature to get true benefit of it. Use ground coriander as a daily smoothie to make your belly thin and healthy without any single side effects as natural things are always fruitful because they provide you with more benefit and no harm.

Begin with the small one:

It is well said that always keep your aim high as high aims are difficult to achieve but if you are determine in your struggle, you will never face a failure. But to get the high one, you have to start with the little one. For example, if you want to become slim by daily push up, start with the little number and then rise towards the big. This will help your body start getting the habit of pushups.

Starting with the small number will also help you to keep your metabolism stable. Selecting big number will not benefit you instead you start moving away from it because your body is not in a habit to catch fifty or sixty pushups in a day and you will become deadly sick instead.


Sound cloud Is An Addiction For The Music Lovers

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Soubdcloud has become an addiction for the music lovers. Including me as well listening to songs is a great entertainment source. We all love listening to great artists and prefer playing their tracks. Our youth is obsessed with listening to their favourite songs. So when I started my professional career as a musician I was aiming for making my profile stand out. I mastered my talent improving my music skills and did much effort to gain visibility. The song should be worth a thousand plays. My seniors always advised me to master my skills in a particular field.

Sometimes it’s the game of luck where other times luck is not with you. I even witnessed songs that are not even worth a single play but still they got despite being a terrible song that doesn’t even deserve a single play. Terrible songs even get plays in thousands. It’s all because there are some tools that bring you likes. And plays you always expected to get.

My friend recommended me to buy plays to share my soundcloud profile across the social networks in order to expand the fan base. I wanted to make my profile stand out on all the social networks. I made an account, posted a song, bought plays and they actually helped in sharing my track and getting plays in return. Being a good play it encourages people to share my music that resulted in more shares and eventually in more followers. This leads to the increased following and maximum exposure of your profile.

Buying plays assisted me in discovering tracks and provided me with plays to rank high in the list of plays. The fan base spread and I became an overnight celebrity. Moreover, if there are like-minded fans your fan base strengthens and gain you followers and plays. This is one of the best ways to gain plays and followers and in itself is one of the easiest ways. The audience valued and appreciated my actual contribution. I’d recommend you to buy instant soundcloud likes of they are coming from the real users.

Usually, the best profiles went ignored and go silent without any dedication. As a singer your profile build up your reputation and makes you more discoverable. It gives others an appearance of the most demanded artists. I remember in the beginning I was quite worried concerning my soundcloud plays as no one bothered to give it a damn. With time after taking a step and making a purchase of likes I received plays and it developed a sense of social acceptance that people are liking my work, it fined visibility and this is how my music got some recognition. The point is if you upload something worthy to play and also put some efforts besides to gain visibility obviously audience will come to you and if they’ll like your work undoubtedly they’ll appreciate your work.

Buy instant sound cloud likes to become visible among the music lovers and make your name prominent in the music community.

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